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In medical technology, our couplings are used in respiration technology, for operating theatre gases, in dental technology, biochemistry, blood tests and dialysis machines.

Our couplings in the field of machine and plant construction enable the efficient and reliable connection and replacement of systems, assemblies and devices.

The fields of application of our couplings in production facilities are wide-ranging and include pneumatics, laboratory analysis in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food-processing industries as well as agricultural operations.

Our robust quick-release couplings are used worldwide for pipe sealing bags and push rods with sealing bladders in sewer technology, for repair packers, elbow packers and house connection packers.

When connecting fluid media, the challenge is to connect quickly and drip-free. We meet this requirement particularly in plastics processing companies for cooling tools and in connection with corrosive fluid media.

Respiratory protection systems are vital for users in many situations.

All of our respiratory protection products for use in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, in paintshops and by fire fighters are subject to the highest safety standards.

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